An Effective Test Manager

Software Testing can be a difficult sell; Test Manager can prove its worth in five easy steps

Communicate with your Programme Manager daily, develop a graphical progress dashboard that is easy to populate and even easier to share with your Programme Manager at going home time.

Sign off requirements – Bring your testing mentality to requirements workshops, and to reviews of documents or other testing outputs.

Implement proper risk-based testing – Agree on the subset of risks that are important enough to be tested against, and tailor the strategy to ensure the testing covers this subset and then go into detail of remaining test cases.

Escalate early – No, it’s not a sign of weakness! picture this: your Project Director is confronted in a board review on an issue of which they are unaware. Sure, you may have it under control, or even have closed it, but they will be mad with you for not keeping them in the loop. Bear in mind though, there is a big difference between open reporting of bad news and upward delegation.

Reinforce the strategy – You may have written the test strategy during the initiation phase. Be ready to change the version as per change in design or scope.