Integration Testing

Integration Testing involves logical integration of various software modules and examining their performance in a group.

A standard software project comprises multiple individual software modules, coded by different programmers. Integration Testing concentrates on checking data communication amongst these modules.

The other terms used to define integration testing are ‘I & T’ (Integration and Testing), ‘String Testing’ and even sometimes ‘Thread Testing’.

Why do Integration Testing?

Although each software module is individually tested, defects still survive because of various possible reasons like:

  • A Module, in general, is designed by an individual software developer as per his own understanding of concept and experience in laying programming logic that usually has a tendency to differ from other programmers. Hence, Integration Testing becomes essential to validate the software modules working in unity.
  • The unavoidable possibility of unexpected changes in the requirement by clients during the time of module development sometimes makes developer to twist and turn the existing program which may lead to incompatibility at end of the development process. Therefore system integration Testing becomes necessary.
  • The compatibility between software modules with the database is a crucial factor, without system Integration testing one cannot stamp the accurate working.
  • Compatibility with external Hardware interfaces also needs to be verified.

Example of Integration Test Case

Integration Test Case primarily focuses on testing of the interfaces & flow of data/information between the modules, the internal check-up process makes it different from the other test processes. The integrating links are examined rather than the unit functions which are already tested.

Integration Test process for the following scenario:

For instance, an application has 3 different modules say ‘Login Page’, ‘Mailbox’ and ‘Delete emails’ and all of these 3 are integrated logically with each other.

Here you need not put emphasis on the checking the individual working of the Login Page testing as it’s already been done in Unit Testing. Instead, focus on how it’s integrated into the Mail Box Page.

Similarly, for Mail Box functionality, you can check its integration with the Delete Mails Module.