Software Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing is a non-functional type of Software testing, primarily done to check whether the software is competent enough to perform properly with a different set of hardware, operating systems, multiple applications, varied network environments or Mobile devices.

Compatibility test consists of different modules i.e. if the software is compatible with various:

  • Hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Software
  • Network
  • Cross Browser
  • Devices
  • Mobile
  • Version

How to do Compatibility Testing

The compatibility test can be performed in following defines steps:

  • Identification and defining of a various set of environment/platforms in which application is expected to work.
  • Expected application performance in different configurations.
  • Setting up the environment with different platforms, devices, networks.
  • Reporting and Fixing of the found defects/bugs by making changes in code.
  • Perform Re-test to ensure bug/defect has been removed.