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We test in the cloud to get an implacable quality of application along with effective business rewards. Due to lower costs, 24×7 access to cloud testing tools, and quick accessibility of cloud infrastructures, our testers provide services that will ensure the scalability and flexibility of your application. Using automatic testing methods, we write effective test scenarios that can match both the most frequent and most unusual risks of real-world problems. 

We imitate real-world web traffic in a cloud computing environment to test your application for hacker attacks, heavy workloads and complex or unusual user behaviour. Using cloud possibilities we also check other serious problems without additional risks for your organization, helping to avoid costly scenarios caused by the crash of a mission-critical module or functionality. Our QA team provides well designed, broad cloud testing solutions to test websites, mobile applications, large-scale projects, ERPs, big data systems, and many more. 

Our 75+ testers are passionate about their craft and appreciate clear and transparent communication with clients, building long-lasting and trusting partnerships. We are focused on covering individual clients requirements and take into account all the target audiences and markets needs. Covering all stages of cloud testing, we value effective project management, strictly follow SLA requirements, and accommodate all necessary project documentation. We care about your time, respect deadlines, determine risks, and help hundreds of businesses reduce general costs of QA services.

Types of Cloud Testing

Network Testing

This testing type defines the excellence of user/data communication, as well as data upload and download speeds within a network. It defines the overall quality of services and helps to scale your web, mobile, or desktop application more effectively and without financial risks.

Multi-Tenancy Testing

Multi-tenancy testing in cloud provides proficient solutions in order to ensure the outstanding and seamless operation of every particular tenant of an application, and their smooth compatibility with each other. It helps to avoid functional failure and guarantees bug-free work while add, delete, or manage data through intricate infrastructures.

Cloud Performance Testing

Cloud load and stress testing determine the priciest risks provoked by the fast traffic or data increase. Understanding how much capacity needs your app, you can better adapt your product to the future pressures.

Cloud Security Testing

This type of testing finds all weak points of application, guaranteeing the privacy of data and their proper integrity, authorization, and authentication. It helps to protect an app from hackers attack, accidental data leaks, and ensures correct work under the set of operations.

Business Requirement Testing

It improves examining, checking, and reporting of the most frequent and dangerous risks related to the business side of the project. It helps to save time, money, and resources, but at the same time, will notice appropriate ways for product further development.

Availability Testing

This testing type determines the availability of all the necessary components for the flawless application operation in the cloud environment. It checks and helps to improve all database connections, increases fault tolerance, and ensures service reliability.

Benefits of Cloud Testing

Users satisfaction

Justified user expectations, intuitive interfaces, and flawless, useful functionality increase people credibility and as a result form a positive attitude toward your product. It enhances your company among competitors, ensuring its solid market position.

Business opportunities growth

Having more options for alternative testing solutions, you will get more space for experiments with product’s functionality, features implementation, and profound analysis of users behavior that will reward your business.

Competitive position

With cloud-based testing, an application can be simultaneously run on different hardware so bugs can be identified quickly and developers can spend more time fixing defects. This will help organizations to solve business goals faster and better, becoming more forward-looking and in demand.

Improved reputation and brand image

Based on the data obtained from the cloud testing solutions, you will get a clearer picture of your product capabilities and business as a whole. Hence, they can be used in forming of an attractive, glittering image of your company.

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