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TestDel is the team of award-winning certified, testing professionals who care about quality. We are customer passionate and put your business priorities first. To make our partnership even more productive we ensure our clients with transparency of the testing process, and strictly follow SLA We will make sure your software works on the most standard types of desktops and operating systems. Our team knows you want your service to be easy to use, secure, feature packed and well performing. We secure all of that to help your business introduce a sharp edge software to the market.


When end users start using your software, they expect it to be dependable, protected, well performing, and they usually take it for granted. it is only possible if this application was tested before it got into your end users hands. During many years of successful service for a number of industries, we’ve managed to maintain a smooth and well-organized testing mechanism, because we care about your time and investments as we care about the quality of our service.


We assign dedicated project leads and regular testers who get to know your application in depth and make sure, all of your requirements are delivered as expected. Our functional testing will ensure that you receive clear reports, save costs and reduce risks while making sure your applications are working according to your client or end users needs.

Types of Desktop Applications Testing

Functionality Testing

TestDel performs functional testing to ensure that users are able to impeccably operate the full functionality of software application. We verify if the application meets the functional requirements and hold capacity needed to fulfill the functions according to conditions.

Load Testing

The desktop application has to resist a large number of people using it simultaneously. TestDel provides the services of load testing to accurately assess the system operation speed, stability, and scalability. We verify whether the system is able to withstand high loads as it was designed.

Regression Testing

TestDel testers execute regression tests to verify that a system functions properly according to the indicated requirements after modifications or changes. By retesting the same test cases, we make sure that no side effects appear in present functionalities, and a new code does not affect the old one. We perform desktop application regression testing whenever requirements, that might cause code modification, were changed, new features were implemented or when detected bugs were fixed.

Security Testing

TestDel testers will test the application with forced attacks to ensure all sensitive information is encrypted, network is protected, database responds with valid output on request, and there are not any vulnerabilities, threats and risks.

Usability Testing

End users want to see a simple, appealing, intuitive, modern application. TestDel testers test degree of clarity, ease of learning and use, the attractiveness of the application. The tasks represent actions that an end user would typically carry out with the finished product.

Compatibility Testing

TestDel provides the services of compatibility testing to verify whether a solution works properly in different environments and, thus, obtains more users. We test software solutions to verify whether they are compatible with different browsers, operating systems, software, hardware, networks, mobile devices.

Benefits of Desktop Applications Testing

Meets Commitment

A satisfied user means success for software. High usability level increases the users’ productivity that leads to business development and profit-boosting.

Unwavering Stability

After proper quality assurance activities application performs without errors so end users get what they wanted and don’t want to replace it with anything else.

Audience Reached

Knowing who your potential audience is crucial to develop a high-grade product. When TestDel does testing, the end user gets the maximum value and pleasure from the solution.

Guaranteed Security

Every business owner wants their software to be protected from data breaches, so as the end-user wants their sensitive information to be kept safely.

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