Functional Testing

Functional Test Delivery - TestDel

Functional Test Delivery

Functional test delivery ensures that an application is tested against its requirements specifications. It ensures a degree of quality of the application to enable informed decisions on the sustainability of its release to production.

We work with you to:

  • Provide greater confidence and increased predictability of delivery.
  • Mitigate production incidence by early defect detection which reduces the operational cost tremendously.
  • Ensuring clarity of requirements through early review which leads to more efficient design and testing.
  • Designing testing artifacts including test cases and test plan.

Functional Testing

System integration testing ensures that all the associated systems exchange data seamlessly and the system’s ability to work as expected with other systems within the same environment. Testing the application with all possible permutations and combinations of data and the varied number of users, we cover as many scenarios as possible.
Regression testing mainly used to determine the problems occur due to the changes made for the application. The critical tests cases performed before and after an application change. Then the two test results would be compared to identify the new bugs or issues generated due to the application change. This ensures no new defects have been introduced into the software as a result of the modification or new feature introduction.
User Acceptance testing is the last phase of the functional testing process. During UAT business users test the critical business flows of the application to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, according to specification mentioned in requirement. TestDel will help planning the test cases to be executed by the business and support the business in the actual execution  This technique mainly focuses on application’s layout, navigation, flow, speed and the validity of the contents.