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TestDel is a team of certified, award-winning specialists which counts extensive experience in testing. We are serving businesses of any size to accomplish success by truly flawless delivery. We are extreme quality conscious and this drives us not to pass any game without exhaustive testing. We guarantee you transparency of reasonable pricing, game testing methods, and superior results.


We understand games can be as complicated as AI and it makes testing them quite challenging. Yet, the game will bring satisfaction to a player only in case it is thoroughly checked, edited, checked again, and refined to perfection. Our team of quality driven professionals will do native PlayStation or Xbox, PC or mobile game testing with the focus on your business priorities. TestDel applies the latest game testing practices to ensure it goes smoothly. We assure your end game will be well functioning, intuitive, and amusing for your target audience. We have tested and developed multiple in-depth automation scripts that test the most commonly found vulnerabilities in the web, mobile, and server-based software. This rigorous automated attacking is designed to highlight early security concerns.


Our experienced full-time gaming testing specialists can test the functionality and device compatibility of your games. We have all types of mobile devices (over 200) in our lab inventory because we don’t prefer to test with emulators. We provide our clients detailed and clear bug report outlining any functionality or compatibility errors, so developers or business analyst can reproduce easily for the next action.

Types of Games Testing

Functional Testing

Games developer want to deliver the finest product which will not only impress the users but one which will also stand out among the competitors. Our testers test the games thoroughly before its released in the market. QA testers look for glitches and weakness which can be fixed before the product is launched to the public.

Compatibility Testing

Whether your game is a full-pack desktop software, a mobile app, or a native PlayStation/Xbox. TestDel testers evaluate performance and results as per game's advertised minimum system requirements. Compatibility or performance is tested on most advance or legacy hardware and software to ensure the game is correctly displayed and function on all types of devices, platforms, and OSs, and runs equally fast on all of them.

Load Testing

TestDel tests the limits of a system, such as the number of players on the server, the number of sprites active on the screen, or the number of threads running in a particular program. We use automation tool that emulates heavy activity to measures the capability of a game to function correctly under load. Load testing is necessary for online games to check whether thousands of users can play your game simultaneously.

Security Testing

Every user specifies sensitive data including financial payment details to the game server during registration. This information does have to be encoded and kept safely. TestDel testers apply white hat ethical hacking procedures to test the weak points of your game. Our security testers apply various methodologies designed to break the security of your game, helping further security feature suggestions and product enhancements. This goes beyond the normal data integrity and authentication testing and aims to simulate a direct black hat hack attempt.

Usability Testing

Developers want a game to be intuitive and interesting. Usability testing will help to outline whether it is enjoyable for your users, whether all functions, buttons, or settings are placed conveniently, and what needs to be fixed if something is not functioning as expected.

Regression Testing

In most cases, the game testing process involves improving a couple of times to ensure the game brings maximum pleasure. During upgrades and creation of the next versions of a video game, our testers assess the current version and advise what can be improved. Such parameters are compared with the values the developer want to add before incorporation.

Benefits of Game Testing

Delighted Gamer

When a client came up with an idea and developed a game. After the game is thoroughly tested and released, the client expects thousands of hooked and satisfied gamers.

Objectives Achieved

After thorough testing, companies can save money, and maintain their reputation that would be lost to a broken game. If the game is of the high quality it will not only bring money but also create a larger room for business growth.

Confident about Security

After successful security testing, users data will be protected, including passwords, credit card numbers or IDs, and other sensitive information.

Long-standing Stability

A well-tested game will perform great for years or till our clients want to present an updated version to the world.

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