Internet of Things Testing Service


Our TestDel team helps organizations make a prudent and assured step towards the version of innovative, hands-on, and valuable Internet of Things solutions. Our IoT Testing team taking into account complex architecture, different data models, and accuracies of IoT environments. We implement and apply IoT test cases in such areas as the development of smart household appliances, IoT robots, smart physical devices, hardware automation, and other items embedded with AI and sensors which connect and communicate via a networked system to help provide enhanced offerings.


Our expert engineers can offer testing that covers functionality certification, usability, performance, security, and data consumption, as well as interoperability testing that ensures IoT devices do not interact intrusively with other products around them.


We ensure that all sensors, connections and databases are installed and processed accurately. We understand that IoT technology is a new area for businesses, so we provide our clients with a precise work plan based on exhaustive requirements investigations. We plan the most suitable test strategy taking into account the eccentricities of your requests.


We value well-defined and transparent communication between organizations and clients. We respect Service Level Agreements (SLA) and complete the testing achieving good quality on time and within budget.

Types of IoT Testing

IoT Integration Testing

This testing type assures a stable interaction of IoT software with smart gadgets. We test Connectivity, transfer of data, receiving job tasks from the devices are seamless. Our team conducts in-depth verifications to ensure that each line of code will perfectly run between a system and any type of smart things,

IoT Security Testing

Our IoT testers ensure that data flowing between devices is not accessed or read when getting transferred. Security testing is very important for IoT because you do not want people hacking into your security system, or critical life support machines or listening to important financial data your smartphone is transmitting. In companies that rely on IoT for their critical processes, a malicious attack can cause havoc so sufficient security and penetration testing is an absolute necessity.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is very important in IoT as displays and buttons/controls are generally small. We recommend minimum complex design which still meets the need of the user to quickly and comfortably operate the device in an anticipated manner. We test the adaptability of a variety of devices and OS. We strongly recommend companies to introduce prototype out and get real-world usage data to categorize the most vulnerable points of your smart devices workflow.

IoT Performance Testing

Our testing team ensures the system is scalable enough to handle load, stress and internet test scenarios. We test changing network bandwidth to low while saving and transmitting data at a rapid pace or testing multiple devices hooked to a network. We help to predict problems related to the performance possibilities of IoT software. It is important to verify that data will be detected and stored correctly in the event of a sudden disruption in service.


It is an essential step of IoT testing that performs smooth and bug-free interaction between IoT software and different smart devices, platforms, network layers, and operating systems. Our team will test items such as multiple operating system versions, browser types and respective versions, generations of devices, communication modes (e.g. Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0) is necessary for IoT compatibility testing.

IoT Reliability And Scalability Testing

These testing types help to build the right IoT environments, which will determine IoT products capabilities for their improvement, optimization, and implementation of new functionality. When an upgrade is implemented, we performed thorough regression testing to check any issue related to product enhancement.

IoT Regulatory Testing

It is a better practice to get the regulatory requirements at the starting of the development cycle itself to determine regulatory testing scenarios. We then plan in advance to perform these tests to ensure the smart device is certified for the regulatory checklist.

Benefits of IoT Testing


Required IoT user experience

People love to use special and extraordinary devices these days; like smart homes, wearable gadgets, energy management, and many more IoT products. Exhaustive testing will help achieving unusual and fascinating experience, which attracts and makes your business in demand.


Impact on the industry

Building a forward-looking IoT product, you can not only expand competencies of your business but also make a huge influence to the development of your industry. It will help to improve your market position as well as will make the life easier and more comfortable for your consumers.


Competitive business privileges

Heightened by the IoT testing opportunities your business can be inspired by the first class IoT solutions which will bring data operations, analytical, and user experience advantages in the required environments.


High-quality decision analytics

Results of the precise, brainy work of IoT products can reward you with feedback from customers, qualitative data, and real-time analytics. It helps businesses to better know user expectations and recognise risks before they become a problem.

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