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Creating high-quality mobile applications that the market is demanding today is a huge challenge. TestDel testers ensure that applications function correctly and perform well across different mobile devices. TestDel plays a very important role when testing an application developed by an external provider or when it’s necessary to test an app’s quality before handing it over to the end users.


There are over 2,850,000 mobile apps in the Google Play and 2,220,000 in the App Store. Sometimes apps quality is not satisfying because of unforeseen bugs, system failure, application crashes, and non user friendly designs. Our testing team ensures that your application will not be abandoned and lost among the others. We help businesses to make their applications efficient, accessible and adaptive on any mobile device.


We have all popular smart gadgets, smartphone models and tablets running all 4 popular mobile OS i.e. iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile with their build versions spanning over the past 4 years, and including their most recent versions. We ensure that your mobile product works smoothly after each release and enhancement.


25% of users will abandon an app after just a single use. Usage is the most important metric for the global app economy, and time spent on mobile apps is growing fast. Our teams test with physical devices, not through emulators. We can test the compatibility of your app or website with a wide variety of hardware, OS, and browser versions on different carriers.


TestDel’s certified testers have worked with hundreds of mobile applications for start-ups, and big enterprise clients from various industries. We offer full cycle mobile application testing services, from project assessment to long-term application maintenance services. This includes the creation of detailed QA documentation, the cooperation with the clients’ development team, and post-release support. When we take over your mobile software testing project, we take full responsibility for it, ensuring long-lasting cooperation between our testing team and the client.

Types of Mobile Applications Testing

Functionality Testing

TestDel tests the functionality and user experience of your mobile app and give you useful, clear, and easily reproducible bug reports. Our team will adapt to your development processes to get you the right feedback, when you need it.

Mobile Security Testing

Growing concern for privacy and security among consumers makes security testing the foundation of a successful mobile application. Our testers will ensure your apps safety from hacking attacks, data leaks, and unforeseen system failures to protect the security of your users’ data.

Load Testing

We prepare the product to handle big traffic and data loads making sure it can work smoothly with thousands of active users. We use different devices, popular and the oldest ones to ensure your app will have perfect compatibility and responsiveness through every mobile device of your end users from any place in the world.

Performance and UX Testing

Intuitive interface and logical functionality are the key factors that define an app’s profitability. That’s why we are determined to check as many scenarios as possible, from the simple test cases to complicated user actions. We ensure your app will have fast performance and response.

Regression Testing

New features and bug fixes need to be released with short intervals, so users don’t lose interest and new features should not bring new bugs. Testing becomes vital for an app’s survival. Mobile development testing is a dynamic process, constantly changing and improving. It’s important to keep track of every change made, taking a step back and assuring the functions were not damaged by the previous actions.

Compatibility Testing

There are many mobile app users which mean there are also a lot of OSs and hardware to work with. Your customers are all around the world using different devices across various networks. We test your apps, website on all possible devices, browsers, environments. After a thorough assessment and testing, the end product is ready to be used on different gadgets and smartphones.

Benefits of Mobile Applications Testing

A cheerful end user

The definitive goal of any application is to satisfy the needs of end users, improving the quality of their life, work, and daily routine. Offering a bug-free, fully tested mobile app, can satisfy potential customers and empower the company brand. Our testing team will ensure that your product will be accepted positively by your target audience as well as always supported and maintained.

Met business objectives

A well-tested and bug-free mobile application is surely an indispensable goal for each company which aims to satisfy end user which finally leads in achieving company main objective.

24/7 peace of mind

Data leakage and system failure, is a nightmare for every business owners, especially taking into account the scary significances of hackers’ attack. Our mobile security testing team take this weight off from your shoulders give assurance to detect all existing and potential dangers to ensure the seamless performance of any mobile application.

Durable success

It’s easy for a user to get your app downloaded or visit your website but letting the user to stay on app or website requires thorough quality assurance of user experience. With a comprehensive testing strategy in place, we take your application to the next level. We ensure that with us, your mobile application will be optimized, and always supported by the proven team of TestDel quality assurance experts.

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