Test Environment Management

Test Environment Management Service

TestDel provides complete end-to-end QA environment management service with a dedicated management resource to analyze an entire programme from start to finish. We tackle organizations’ key testing challenges by utilizing smaller asset footprints to support test projects. We ensure the test environments are representative of the ‘live’ production situation, making the test fully valid.

Our Services

  • Predictable and proactively managed test environments that drive improved environment availability to safeguard testing life cycles.
  • Reporting capabilities that enables service improvements and sustainable strategic investments while driving cost efficiencies in testing.
  • Application level environment analysis – collect existing environmental landscapes and evaluate them against project requirement.
  • Remediation of identified gaps including test tenants, deployment and releases, recovery procedures access control in line with agreed security set up and business as usual planning.
  • Develop a comprehensive dashboard to give a one-page overview of all environment availability, usage, and future plans.
  • Environment optimization for capacity planning and hardware performance analysis and remediation.
  • Planning integration of environments so all available are fit for purpose.
  • Report environment availability and releases.
  • Continuous services improvements of processes, cost effectiveness and environment stability along with automation.

Full Lifecycle Delivery and Support